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Patio Doors, Edgwick

Patio doors make an incredible addition to your home in Edgwick, giving you improved natural light and a fantastic view.
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We thought replacing our old windows would be too expensive...until we talked to Armour Windows

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Attractive Patio Doors in Edgwick

At Armour Windows, we are dedicated to providing our customers with unbeatable quality and superior products. To do so, we partner with a number of the foremost manufacturers in double glazing profiles. With this, we bring you exceptionally well-made patio doors that are sure to bring a striking and stylish feature to your Edgwick home. Not only will our patio doors offer you a functional opening, but are designed to promote both thermal efficiency and high security. Furthermore, you can take your pick from a wide selection of colours and finishes that will ensure your Edgwick home décor is reflected in beautiful abundance. Installing our sliding patio doors will ensure that your living space is airy, and stylishly illuminated with natural light, making your home a much brighter and more inviting setting.
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Areas Armour Windows Cover

Armour Windows offer our vast range of home improvement services in Coventry, Rugby, Royal Leamington Spa, Birmingham, Dudley, Burton Upon Trent, Birmingham, Nuneaton and nearby towns throughout the West Midlands and Warwickshire.

Elegant Patio Doors in Edgwick

Armour Windows is proud to offer our customers a variety of stylish and sophisticated patio doors. These patio doors feature premium uPVC profiles from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, ensuring that they are built to last. Our sliding patio doors provide an excellent solution for Edgwick homeowners who have restricted space, as they don’t require any swinging space that needs to be kept clear. The great thing about these patio doors is that the large glass panels allow in more natural light, creating a bright and airy space, and offering panoramic views. Thanks to these amazing features, these patio doors are ideal for balconies and terraces, allowing you to take full advantage of your surrounding scenery. Furthermore, they also provide an effective way of displaying a garden that you are proud of.


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Our Products

Long-Lived Performance

Our uPVC patio doors provide you with an incredibly resilient and strong profile. These patio doors are exceptionally difficult to damage, and their surface is also resistant to abrasions. This means that they are highly durable, with the colour retaining its vibrancy and the paint not peeling away, even after years of exposure to the elements. Furthermore, we equip the patio doors with high-quality, durable hardware, which allows them to effortlessly open and close even for children. Though you may expect the doors to require intensive maintenance, the upkeep is minimal, consisting of simply wiping away any dirt and debris with a wet cloth. With the proper care, these doors will provide you outstanding service in the long term.

Thermal Protection

Our patio doors are designed with a uniquely innovative profile made up of multiple chambers. This clever design helps trap air and prevent it from circulating, resulting in effective thermal insulation for your Edgwick home. To ensure optimal performance, our doors are fitted with insulated double glazed sealed units that adhere to strictly regulated industry standards. As a result of this insulation, your Edgwick home will stay warmer for longer and will heat up faster, meaning that your energy bills should become more affordable. Being more energy-efficient due to the thermal insulation should reduce the amount of money you spend on heating.

A Well-Protected Nuneaton Home

Our uPVC patio doors provide you with utmost security. Their strong and resilient profile is challenging for intruders to damage sufficiently to gain access to your property. Furthermore, our impeccable installation process ensures a perfect fit so that there is absolutely no space to insert any tools that could be used to pry the doors apart. We also install highly secure locking systems that are designed to be virtually indestructible. With these doors, you will have peace of mind that your Edgwick home and family are well protected.

Impeccable Installation from Armour Windows

We are committed to providing our Edgwick customers with the best quality products and services. To ensure that you have complete confidence in the performance and durability of your new patio doors, we offer a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee. This means that you are receiving a product that has been tested and certified to last, as well as assurance that our installation adheres to the highest and most exacting standards. With this guarantee, you can rest assured that your new patio doors will not only function for many years to come, but will require very minimal care to stay in top-notch condition.

Patio Doors Prices in Edgwick

When you decide to buy one of our quality patio doors for your Edgwick home, you are not only getting a reliable and hard wearing product, but also a reassuring guarantee in terms of performance. Our patio door prices are highly affordable and we make it effortless for you to obtain a price estimate. Our online door designer tool has been designed to help you calculate no-obligation quotes based on your particular requirements. Alternatively, you can get in contact with our friendly and knowledgeable team who are ready to answer any additional questions you may have and assist you in identifying the perfect patio door for your Edgwick home.


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